Thursday, January 12, 2017

What I got for Christmas 2016

Hello my MJF stars,
I know I'm kinda behind on everything lately but I still wanted to show you what I got from my family and friends this Christmas. I not try to sow off but I wanted to share and thank everyone for thinking of me this Christmas. So lets get into what I got this year.

My brother know how much I love Harry Potter and I'm team Gryffindor and I was so happy that he got these 2 piece sleep set which is so soft and comfy.

My dad and mom got me The Big bang theory season nine on DVD, Supernatural season eleven on DVD, Disney Finding Dory Bluray + DVD + Digital HD and Ghostbusters answer the call on bluray. You know I love Big Bang and Supernatural which makes me happy to add to my collection as well as the two other movie. My brother also got me the final season of Lavern & Shirley which completed my set of the tv series that I love.

My auntie Mary got me Marshalls gift card which I can't wait to use at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. 

A friend of my family Kim that I help on Thanksgiving and other holidays when she needs me. So she always gets me something for Christmas. I was so surprised that she got me a coach yes I said coach card holder from the Micky Mouse collection which you know I love Disney and she also loves Disney. So we both buy each other something when were visit Disney whither its land or world. We also went a few times together to Disneyland any ways. I was so happy and then she also got me gift card for JCPennys because she know I love makeup and I can use it in Sephora, if I like not just JcPenny. She is the best.

Her daughter Kelly been my friend since middle school and we aways give each other gift for Christmas. She also love Disney and Harry Potter of course. So I was so happy that she got the The unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook because we both like to cook and I don't own this book. I can't wait to try some of the recipes. She also gave me Disneyland Annual Passholder Toy Story Mania pin because she know I love pixar and I collect the Disney pins. She also got me candle from a local candle maker called Maggie's candle in the scent Christmas Eve which smell so good. She knows me so well.

My other friend Nicole that been friends with since high school got me the led lantern  from Maker's Halloween which is so cool. Its like a glitter snow globe that lights up with a jack o lantern face on it as you can see. If you been fallowing me on on social accounts you know I love Halloween and she knows it. lol. She also got me Target gift card which I did not take picture of it.

My mom's friend got me these cute socks which are so soft and keep my feet warm. If you didn't know I love socks. She also got me Starbuck gift card which was really nice and I can't wait to use it.

Thank you to everyone that thought of me this Christmas and got me a gift. I'm so thankful for all my friends and family. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got for Christmas and you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

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