Monday, September 15, 2014

Walmart, Target, Grocery Outlet and 99 cents store Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm to show you what I got at walmart, target, grocery outlet and 99 cents store.

I was at Walmart with my mom shopping for a present for some one and I walked by the movie and saw Popeye with Robin Williams and had to buy it. It was $5.00. I loved watch this when I was younger and have not seen it in a while. 

We also went to Target and they had all of the dollar stuff on sale probably to make room for the Halloween stuff. I got a how to train a dragon container for .30 cents and an owl sticky note pad also .30 cents. I also got two of the chalk makers which I thought was on sale but was not but that's ok they where only a $1.00 each and I need them for my chalk boards.

The other day I went to grocery outlet with my dad and I saw these loreal nail lingerie in the miss candy edition which I had to get. I got princess sprinkle which the pink one and berry bubbly which is the blue one. I got pink one for my mom and blue one for me. They where .99 cents each.

A couple days ago I went to the 99 cents store and they had all of the Sally Hansen Salon manicure polish from last new years eve collection so I got all of the polishes that I had to have. Even if I find something like what I already have I figured I'll give them away for presents. The colors I got are Twinkle toes-ty ( hex rainbow and small rainbow glitter), Fa-la-la-lavender ( large hex and small glitter in purple and pink), Midnight Glitz (black and rainbow glitter in large hex and small glitter), 3,2,1derland ( green and blue large and small hex glitter).

The last three are Snow Globe (iridescent rainbow hex large and small glitter), Gilty Party (metallic with sliver and copper foiled together) and the last color is Black and Blue (black base with blue and purple duo chrome). I was so happy to find full size bottle of sally hansen so I went little crazy but they are normally around $6.00 -$8.00.

I so excited to watch my movie and play with all of my polishes that I got for 99 cents yay.
What do you think of my hauls?

Until next time,

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