Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Las Vegas Trip Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
Two weeks ago, I went to Las Vegas and when I'm on vacation I like to shop so I have a few hauls from ABC store, Hot Topic, Kmart, Walmart and 99 cents Store.

This haul is from the ABC store which I love and when I'm in Vegas or Hawaii which I like to buy stuff. This time I bought some hair clips that love to wear. I got three of them one that's black and blue, also a white and blue and the last one is black and gray. They were 20% off so I was happy. They were $3.99 each with 20% off. I also picked up two of the Island Girl polishes. The first one I got is very close to color I bought like 5 years ago in Hawaii which almost gone so decided to find one close to the so I got Aloha Paradise. I also saw that they had Glow in the dark polishes which is new to me. I wanted to get all of them but held myself back and got one which is a blue color with rainbow micro glitter and its name is Blue Glow In the dark. I guess on they day they needed to name polish the namer was absent because the other polishes had better name than blue polish lol. I would of named it blue Hawaiian rainbow Or something better than blue glow in the dark. Well I went off topic lol. So They were $2.99 each which not to bad because these are really nice polishes and I hope the glow in dark one is nice.

I saw this hat at the ABC store but skipped buying it and then I could not get out of my head so I had to go back and buy it. It said it was $12.99 but when it rang up it was $9.99 which made me really happy. Its a pretty nice hat for 10 bucks. 

While I was in Vegas me and my dad went to the south Las Vegas outlet mall which I never went to. It was really nice outlet mall and happy that we stopped. I only bought things from two stores one was Leather store where I bought a pures but I did not take picture of but if you want me to post it later let me know. The other store was hot topic where I found this awesome pirate head band for $1.95 which was $12.99. I also got a blackheart eyeshadow in olive green for $1.95.

Me and my dad also stopped at an Kmart and they had Wet n Wild and Fantasy makers makeup for Halloween so I got a few items. I got the Fantasy makers glitter eyeliner that I bought last year and love. So I picked another one in blingin' it black for $2.99. A single eyeshadow in sugar for $.99. I also got one of the nail polishes in the color Goosebump Suit because the other colors in this collection looks the same as the polishes from last year which I have a few. So if you missed them last year you have chance to get them. They just changed the names. They were $2.99 each.

On they way to Vegas we stopped at a walmart and I found somethings I had to get. I found few Halloween items. I got two necklaces and two ear ring and they were $3 each. I got a necklace that says I love zombies and a vampire fang. I also got these cute owls wearing witch hats and skull hands ear rings. I also got two packs of Halloween nail stickers that have bats, skulls, ghosts, candy corn and more. They were $1.47 each for 100 stickers which is good price. I got a carmex in cherry flavor for .98 cents. If you been reading my blog for a while you know I love star wars and I collect star wars stuff so when I saw the R2 D2 pez I had to get it and it was $1.95. The last thing I got at walmart was Stephen King's It which is one of my favorite Stephen King movie. I have it on VHS/tape but been wanting get it on Dvd and was happy to find it for $5.00.

We decided to go to 99 cents store to pick up more drinks for the ride home and I found few things for myself as well. I got a sliver bling bling key chain. I got two packs of Tic Tacs in mini size in cinnamon spice and freshmints. I got this led skull that is so cool that I had to get. The last thing I been look for at my local store but could not and was happy find it and that is the Halloween solar dancing haunted house. I also pick up other things for gifts too which I don't want to post because they might see it.

I had really nice time in Vegas and happy with my goodies that brought home with me. :0)

What do you think of my hauls?

Until next time,

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