Saturday, September 6, 2014

Part 1: Dollar Tree Collective Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I been so slacking on posting my dollar tree hauls so I'm going to do two parts of a collective haul. This is like a few weeks worth of dollar tree hauls.

This haul I got Solar Circus in the Elephant and Seal, natural white sensitive tooth paste that I really like and if you have sensitive teeth you should try this tooth paste. I also got two more of cute hand sanitizers in the ladybug and owl that I might give away for gifts.

This haul is mostly milani products. After buy the milani quick shine top coat I went back and bought all of what this dollar tree had because its so good. I also got two the milani crystal lip glosses in the colors Summer baby and Pretty Plush. I also got Milani 3d glitzy glamours gloss in Fashion Divia and Designer Label which I really like. I got two of the maybelline polishes in Black Mirrors, and Crushed Crimson. The last things I got were the Maybelline nail tattoos in Nyc Park and Lower East Side. 

In this DT haul I got two of despicable me products in the hand soap which is banana and apple scented and body wash in banana scent which smell so good. I also got two of the fairies hair detangler in strawberry scent for little cousin.I got two of the home goodies tea light holders which I really like and happy that they were only a dollar. I got a led black glitter pumpkin for Halloween. I got some ascent gem in mult color for my mom to use in her new candle holder. I found a L.A colors duo eye shadow pencil in teal steal which nice and creamy which would be great for a base or by itself. I also got two more of maybelline nail tattoos because I really love them and will be posting some manis with them. I got the asia downtown for my mom and another of the nyc park. I also got L.A color craze polish in Craze and I used it in one of my manis and really love this glitter polish and you don't have this polish you should get it lol. The last things I got was these mini creates to organize my desk with. If you want to see how I used them let me know and can add it to this post later.

I'm happy that I found the things I've looking for and more. 
What do you think of my collective haul?
Don't forget to check out part 2 of the DT haul.

Until next time,

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