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Review and Eye look: E.L.F Snow White the Fairest of them all beauty book

Hello my MJF followers,
I've been so busy I never got chance to post my thoughts/review on the Snow White beauty book by E.L.F. So I decided to do a quick review on my thoughts of the beauty book. I did not do swatches this time because there many review with swatches and I want to do a short review. If any of my followers want swatches let me know and I'll add them later.
This beauty book is as good as the Ariel Beauty Book but with more neutral colors for a more of a everyday looks.
They did again with beautiful art work on the packaging which I love.

I love that the mirror is just like the evil queen has in the movie.

I also like they have steps on how to use the products in the beauty book as you can see below:

In this beauty book you get more creams, taupe's, brown with a forest green and navy blue which nice to add a pop of color and you know I love greens and blues.
In this beauty book you get seven eyeshadow which is less than the Ariel beauty book. The eyeshadows names are I'm Wishing (nice highlight color), Diamond Mine(goldish brown color), Heigh-Ho (copper brown color), Yodel (taupe color), One Song (brownish red color), Enchanted Forest (forest green color), and My Prince (navy blue). All of the eyeshadows have glitter or shimmer in it. You also get E.L.F eyelid primer, black eyeliner pencil, eyeshadow sponge applicator. There is also a blush called Keep Singing that is coral color with glitter. There also a little brush for the blush and a lip gloss the color Brett which is an apple red in color. You know I do not like E.L.F's lip glosses so I wish they do a lip pencil or something other than a gloss. I really like everything else in this beauty book except the gloss and the sponge applicator. I was bummed that they did not give use another elf eyeshadow brush like the Ariel beauty book.

Here is an eye look I did with the Snow White Beauty Book:

The products I used for this look:
ELF eyelid primer
High-ho (eyelid color)
Yodel (crease color)
One Song (outer v color)
I'm Wishing and Diamond Mine (brow bone highlight)
Milani liquif eye metallic eye liner pencil Black

I did a neutral eye look because this beauty book has a lot of neutral colors and would be easy to wear everyday. I like how this look came out and will wear this eye look again.
My thoughts on this beauty book is if you love Disney, makeup and like wearing shimmery or glittery eyeshadows and wear neutrals this beauty book is for you. If I had to choose between Snow White or Ariel beauty books. I would choose Ariel because I love color and it has more eyeshadows, and an E.L.F eyeshadow brush. All in all I like this beauty book and if you asked me if I would of bought this beauty book after using it? Yes I would, I don't regret buying and  need to play with it more because I've been so busy and its been so hot that makeup is the last thing I want to put on my face. lol

Did you buy the E.L.F Snow White beauty book? Do you like it?

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