Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bath and body works, Hot Topic, Old Navy and Big Lots Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I know I've not posting lately because I went on a trip to Las Vegas and will be posting what I got soon. For now I wanted to show you what I bought before I left and have not posted it yet. I went to the mall, Old Navy, and big lots and found some good deals I could not pass up.

I went to Bath and Body Works and got five pocket back in the Halloween themes. When I saw them online I had to get some. I got two of Vampire Blood with is wicked plum scent, Trick-or-Treat in scent Pumpkin Spice, Hoot Berry, Franken Kitty in the candy apple scent with is my favorite out of all of them and might have to buy more. It was 5 for $5.00 and I had a coupon for 20% off so I got them all for like $3.20 with tax which is a deal.

Then I went to Hot topic and found some clearance items that I had to get. I got two of the big bang theory trading cards for .98 cents each and it also buy one get one free so I got both for $.98 cents. I also got two supernatural buttons and they was $1.99 each and it was buy one and get one half off. So one was .99 cents.

I went to old Navy because saw on instagram that they had movie themed t-shirts for $14.95 each so I got ghost buster which one of my favorite movies and Friday the 13th with another of my favorite scary movies.

Lastly I stopped at Big Lots and they got another shipment of Fringe seasons so I got the season 4 which is the last one I need. It was $8 which is a deal because I saw them at Target for like 14 dollars. I also got a pack of chap stick in the flavor apple cider which is limited edition and came out last year for $2.00.

I'm happy with my hauls. 
What do you think of my hauls?

Until next time,

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