Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dollar Tree Collective Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you some of my dollar tree hauls from last week and this week.

I went to dollar tree to find the Halloween scarfs but they did not have any. So I need to buy some more nail emery boards and I found sally hansen pack of large and small sizes. I got some black forest juicy oozers wild gummy bears because I like black forest gummys and never tried the juicy oozers. I also picked up another carmex in the original flavor because if my lip get dried out this only thing that helps them get back to normal. The last thing I got in this haul was big chocolate chunk cookie which was really good and I might have buy more of them and they are worth a dollar.

A day later I went to a dollar tree closer to my house and I was so happy find the Halloween scarfs. So I got two of the jack o lanterns and one of spiders. I also found the hair elastics I've been looking for and got two packs.  One for me and one for my little cousin.

Today I went to two dollar trees to find the maybelline color tattoos that I've seen everyone hauling. The first one was all sold out of a lot of stuff and they were stocking shelves. There was no color tattoos :0(. While looking I found one of mini crate in green so I bought it because I love to use them for storage. I saw the leaf tea light holders but passed on buying them last time I was at this DT. When I went back to this DT had only one left which was not the one I wanted. So I went to the other DT closer to my house and they had two boxes of them. So I got the orange one and the clear one. I might go back for more for my mom if she like mine.

I'm happy to find things I've been looking for but bummed that I did not find any of the color tattoos.
 I might go to another DT Thursday or Friday that usually gets more stuff.

What do you think of my DT hauls ?

Until next time,

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