Monday, September 15, 2014

Marshalls and Walgreens Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you my hauls that I bought a while ago and recently from Marshalls and Walgreens.

I saw on instagram that someone found the Muppets most wanted nail polishes at tj maxx and I have been dying to get my hands on them. I waited because I wanted to save some money and get them on sale but when I went back to ulta they were gone :0(. So I thought I check out Marshalls because get the same stuff as tj maxx and I was right. They had the mini nail lacquers by opi in muppets most wanted set and it was on only $5.99. The colors that is in the set are Miss Piggy's Big Number (shimmery blue with a slight purple hue), I Love Applause (light pink color), Kermit Me to Speak (purple/green duo chrome),Chilln' Like a Villain (Beige/nude color).

Then a few weeks later I went back to Marshalls to see if they got any polishes I've been wanting and I found another Muppets Most Wanted Opi set in the full size bottles. This set is called When Foggy Met Piggy and the polish colors that in the set are Kermit me to speak which I have in the mini set but this set had Gaining Mole-Mentum that I really wanted because it has shredded glitter in pink, gold and sliver. So pretty. This set was only $7.99 which is deal because it was $18.00. I also got my first Sparitual polish in the color Kindness which is a pretty pumpkin orange with gold glitter so pretty. It was $3.99 and it was $8.50.

Then a week ago I went to walgreens to look for the new Sinful colors Halloween collection but they did not have them yet but I did find some limited edition Villains Lip Smackers set for $5.99 which I could not pass up because you know I love Disney.

Today I went back to Walgreens because they had sinful colors polishes on sale again for $.99 cents so I figured I'll see if they got the Halloween polishes in which they did. So I got four of the Sinful colors and some other stuff.

Here is a close up of the polishes I got today so pretty:

So as you can see I got Sinful Colors Mystery Moonshine (shards of orange, purple, and green glitter which is new from the halloween  collection and limited edition), Splatter Spell (shredded Orange glitter, large hex orange glitter, and large and small hex black glitter also new from the Halloween collection and is limited edition), Vintage (Metallic dark Olive Green new to sinful from the fall collection), Cauldron Couture (is like Splatter Spell but instead of orange glitter it has green). I also got one polish from the Wet N Wild Halloween collection which is Happy Hour Hop (a blue base light purple with gold glitter) this was the only color in the collection that caught my eye and don't have anything like it. It was $1.99. I also got two lenticular cup that are nightmare before Christmas which were $.99 cents each. I also got a pair of nightmare before Christmas socks for $2.99.

What do you think of my hauls?
I can't wait to try all of my nail polishes and lip smackers. Also to wear my new sacks.

Until next time,

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