Sunday, September 14, 2014

Part 2: Dollar Tree Collective Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show dollar tree collective haul.

I got two more of the mini creates in green and blue. I got zip ties to zip tie the mini create together to make shelving for my desk. I got another L.A color craze nail polish in the color Baby Blue which is really pretty blue with silver micro glitter. I also got another L.A color duo eye shadow pencil in mocha java. The last thing I got was another milani lip gloss in puttin' on the glitz.

I got two of the care bear figurines. A pez candy dispenser of the slinky of toy story. I got a pack of the cup cake holders to store stuff in them besides a cupcake. I found another Maybelline nail polish in the color in Alluring Rose from the holographic collection. I also found these mini toss balls by smart paw and decided to get three for my three dogs. I looked up the original price is $2.99 so I got three for the price of one. I also got two food items which are really good. I got one of the mini cream puffs and an iced elairs, there both by dolce tuscano.

This haul I got a Halloween tin to put makeup in. I got another minion cup to give away. I also got two stack able baskets to put polish in that I need to use. I got three calenders in a princess and two mickey themes to give away for Christmas presents. I got some Halloween paper straws that has bats on them. I also got some light up spiders in green and blue to decorate with.

I found some glitter gel pens in pink, blue, and purple. I tried them out and there really nice pens. I think they are worth more than a buck so if you see them try them out. I was also happy find the glitter owls so I got one green. I also found more of the maybelline nail polish in Silver Swank which is so pretty and its a sliver micro glitter and larger hex glitter which has a like rose holographic in the sun. I also got naturally cream from the nudes collection. I also found more milani products this time I found Color Bailliance eye pencils in black, green, aqua and purple and I got two of each color because been dying to try these eyeliners and know I would love them because I love milani eyeliners. The last thing I got was a display easel.

This haul I got all of the Halloween items I been looking for and more. I was so happy to find the skull goblets one in clear and one in gray. I also found skull tumblers and decided to get the clear one for me. I got few more of the goblets and tumbler to give away also. I saw the gift box casket last time but did not buy it when I went back I decided I had to have it so I got the one with the vampire inside. I also found some Halloween socks and I had to get these one with vampire lips with fangs that remind me of true blood.

Well today I finally feeling better and decided to go to DT to look for the essie sleek stick. I was so happy to see that they had them and I also found things also could not pass up. I saw on 37diviacici dollar tree haul that she got the color changing firer optic light and I thought I would check them out. I was happy to find them at Dollar Tree and I figured I get two and give them away. When I got home I wanted to make sure they worked and decided that I was going to keep one for myself because they are pretty nice. I might have to get more lol. So if you see them get one because they are worth more than a buck to me. I hope I find them in different colors than red and pink which they had at the dt I went to. I also found the luminessence candles in the fall scents. So I decided to smell them because I heard from a few of Dollar Tree ladies on youtube loving the harvest seasonal spice. I smelled it and had to get two of the harvest seasonal spice in the jar candle because they smell so good. I might go back for more because they smell so good. I also got two the milani eye shadows that I passed on last time but decided to try two and the ones I got Purple Shock and Pearl. I was looking in the toothbrushes and found Star Wars tooth brushes and if you know me I love star wars so I had to get one but then I saw they had Yoda and made me get two lol. I use them to clean my retainer because I like to use little kids tooth brushes to get in tight space. The last things I got were the Essie sleek stick in Steel the Show, Sticker and Stones, two of the Sea Me Shine!, two of the Shoot for The Moon, and two in the Show me your Stuff. There are more designs than what I got. I got the ones that I liked and two of the ones that I thought I would give away or back ups.

So that's all of my dollar tree hauls as of now lol.
I can't wait to try the stuff I have not tried yet and was happy with the stuff I already tried.

What do you think of my hauls?
What have you been loving from dollar tree?
Also don't forget to check out part 1 if you have not already.

Until next time,

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