Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Review: Em Cosmetics Tokyo Plum

Hello my MJF stars,
I'm to tell you my thoughts on the em shade play tokyo plum palette that I won a while ago and finally getting around to review. So lets get into what I think about this eyeshadow palette.

palette in box front

back of palette box

I really like the box the palette is in its colorful and bright which I hope the eyeshadows are also colorful and bright. It also nicely deigned too.

front of palette

back of palette

I wish the palette looked as pretty as the box. It looks more mondern and sleek then fun and colorful like its box. I'm just confussed because usually you want the box to go with the palette right? or is it just me? any ways least see they eyeshadows right!?

inside of palette

inside and closeup of eyeshadows

I like that there is a nice size mirror and it cam with some eyeshadow brushes that are ok but I probably will not use because they are so small. There are mix of shimmers and mattes but I'm don't under stand the sizes of each eyeshadow pans. I guess the larger ones are for eyelid and smaller ones for crease and liner? I wish they were all the same size. so lets see those swatches.

swatches with flash

swatches with flash and numered
As you see in the swatches they are not very pigmented which is a bummer. If they were as bright as in the pan it would of been great. Also the eyeshadow colors are look so similar in color would be hard to do a nice eye look. I did do any eye look with this palette and I was not impressed. I used a primer and base to help the pigmentation which did not work. :0( Also because colors are so close in color it was hard to do a nice because they blened together. I really don't think this eyeshadow palette is worth $20 something. I hoped this eyeshadow would be nice since it was made by makeup youtuber but it was not. I would not recommend this palette at all you can get better palette from drug store brands which are less expecenive.

If you like to see the eye look I created click here.

what do you think? do you own any of the em cosmetic products?

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