Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mall (Disney Store and Torrid) Hauls

Hello my MJF stars,
I have a two store mall hauls when I went to one of the malls in my area. In this mall hauls I have a Disney Store and Torrid Hauls to show you.

Youtube Video hauls:
This first haul is from the Disney Store. 

I went in to see if they had any Tsum tsum on clearance and they did. So I got from Tangled Pascal in a dress and Star Wars Queen Amidala. They were both on sale for $1.99 each from $5.95.

Then I went to Torrid because they was having a buy one get one free on all of the clearance items.

So I found this Poison Raglan tee which was to cute for $27.98.

And I also got this Rebel Wilson for Torrid Sunglasses Tee that was $26.98 for free.
So I got two for the price one t-shirt which a really good deal.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my mall hauls.

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