Monday, May 9, 2016

Walgreens Haul

Hello my MJF stars,
I have another haul from walgreens and I happy to show you it because I found the Wonder Woman collection that I posted on my ig awhile ago.

I went to two different walgreens because the first one had a few items. At the first store I got the Wonder Woman comic beauty book which was $11.99 which is more than last beauty books that was $9.99. I don't why they marked up price? They were sold out of the Wonder Woman Paradise eye-land eyeshadow palette so I had the girl call over to the other walgreens and they had one left that I had them hold for me. So  I went over there and  got it which it range up on sale for $2.99 which was cool that I got it on sale because it was $6.99.

I will be posting a live swatch and a review of each on my youtube channel and here on the blog soon.

I hope you enjoyed see my haul.
Did you find the collection yet and did you pick any up or planning on buy any of the collection let me know below.

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Keep Shining Like The Star That You Are!

Until next time,

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