Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review: Wonder Woman Comic Beauty Book

Hello my MJF Stars,
I had many MJF stars wanting me to do a review on the Wonder Woman collection so I'm here to share my thoughts about the new Wonder Woman Comic Beauty Book only at walgreens. Ever since I saw this collection I had to get my hands on the beauty book and the eyeshadow palette. I will be reviewing the eyeshadow palette after the beauty book. 
So lets get into what I think this comic beauty book.

Cover of Beauty Book

Back of Beauty Book

Side of Beauty Book
I really love the art work on this beauty book it really looks like a Comic book from DC but with makeup. You know I love blue and Stars which is all over this Comic Beauty Book.

Inside Comic Beauty Book
In this Comic beauty book has 9 eyeshadows, a blush, Black liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow primer, lip stick and dual ended sponge tip applicator. It also have mirror like the other beauty books but this time its looks like a a comic book which so cool.

Beauty Guide under mirrior
Just like the other beauty books this one also had beauty guide for beginners or for some ideas how to use the makeup items which tells how to get the Wonder Woman's look for daytime and nighttime hero.

Close-up makeup inside Comic Beauty Book
So lets get into the swatches:

Eyeshadow swatches

Eyeshadows swatches, eyelid primer, eyeliner, and lip stick

All of the swatches are with out primer and one swipe of the eyeshadow and or blush. 
Here is me live swatching them:

I did an eye look using the eyeshadow and will be posting it after this review so I have an idea of how most of the items in the beauty book performed.

As you can see by the swatches the eyeshadows that some of them are kinda sheer which is a bummer and Amazon Princess has an over spray which I was really sad about because it was to pretty in the pan. I wish the gold color eyeshadows were more yellow then brown and that Amazon Princess was not an over spray. The first six that swatched above were nice but the last three the darker/ blue colors were disapponting. I know I sound like I putting the beauty down but with that said they perform differently with a primer which they have given in this beauty book. You can get pigmentation with these eyeshadows with the primer which I used in my eye look. The blush is pretty but it not a bright shade. The primer is ok and does the job but it not my favorite. There is a little bit of fall out with eyehadows but thats not a big deal to me. I really like the black eyeliner called Warrior black with is a liqud eyeliner with brush tip and drys matte. The last thing we get is a lip stick in Amazonion Red which is very pigmented and a nice pinky red color.

If you would ask me if I would buy this beauty book now that I know how it performed proably not but the collecter in me say yes.
So if you are not a fan of Wonder Woman you might want to skip this one.
If you love Wonder Woman you might want to get it, just to add to your collection.

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