Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Review: Wonder Woman Paradise Eye-land Eyeshadow Set

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I'm here to review the Wonder Woman Paradise Eye-land Eyeshadow Set which is a limited edition form Walgreens. This set is $6.99 but I got it on sale for $2.99 which is nice. So lets get into what I think about this 8 pan eyeshadow palette.
Front in box
As I said before I love the art work its so bright and colorful like a comic book.

back of box
closed front
Inside palette out of box
back with names of eyeshadows
Wonder Woman vs. Disney Villains:

Wonder Women 8 pan eyeshadows vs. Disney Villains Ursula 8 pan eyeshadows
I wish they put the Wonder Woman design they have on the mirror on the out side like they did with Disney villains as you can see above. Or some kind of design beside being just red. I really like the have names of eyeshadows on the back.

Lets get into the eyeshadows right.

Here is me swatching them if you like to see them on video:

Swatches no primer

As you can see in the picture of the swatches the dark colors are not very pigmented which is a bummer which mean they will need a primer and will have to be built up to get the color you want which ok for some. There is a mix of finishes in the eyeshadows which is nice to see because these can be used everyday if you don't like bright color like the villains which was all shimmer and bright colors as you can see above. I really like Wisdom, Strength, Heroic Beauty, Spitfire, and Spirit of Truth. I really like this palette even more the beauty book. If you want one thing from the Wonder Woman collection and you love eyeshadows I would recommend this eyeshadow palette. I think this a nice 8 pan eyeshadow palette. It has wearable colors for everyone and it had naturals as well as some color. I also think it has a good price point for what you get.

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