Monday, May 16, 2016

Electrified Web and Seychelles Sand Mani

Hello my MJF Stars,
I have another mani for manicure Mondays. This week I used two Revlon nail polishes for my mani. So lets get into this weeks mani right?!

with flash

no flash outside lighting

Products I used:
Loreal One Stop Base Coat
Revlon Electrified web
Revlon Seychelles Sand
Milani Quick Shine Top Coat

I really love Electrified Web its a duo chrome orange which is pretty by itself but I had to do a few accent nail with Seychelles Sand. I thought Seychelles Sands was really pretty in the bottle but when I applied it to my nail it was really goopy and hard to work with. Also a couple days later it chipped  which was bummer. It made me not a fan of the Seychelles Sand. I might have to thin it out with nail polish thinner and see if that helps it. Any ways both of these nail polishes looks pretty together and I have happy how mani came out until Seychelles sand chipped.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks mani for manicure Monday.

Don't Forget to:
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Until next time,

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