Monday, June 19, 2017

Ross Dress For Less Hauls

Hello my MJF stars,
I'm here to show you a collective Ross haul so lets get into what I hauled this time from Ross.

I saw these mosaic lamps that was hard plastic and in this pretty blue color I had to pick them up. They were $12.99 each and one was for my dad to use in the family room and one was for my room.

I went ross and saw a Betsey Johnson gray skull blanket with pink that I liked but I did not like the color combo and went back week later. They got the same more Betsey Johnson ulta soft plush blanket but in navey, blue and gray. So I had to pick it up as you can see above. It was $22.99 and I love it because it matchs my other blankets and pillow perfectly.

I found another pair of Crocs that I had to add to my collection. They were $14.99 in lime green with blue stripe in size 11.

I found this pretty agate candle holder for $2.99 which I had to have to display with my Himalayan salt rock candle holder.

I was so happy to find these memory foam Skeckers with this pretty rainbow with black pattern for $34.99.

In this haul I found a two pack of dog collars for Jack for $4.99 which is a good price and had some cool patterns on them. I also picked up a toy for Jack which is a Kong critter for $3.99. I also got two dresses by  Sassy Rascal for Bella and Sonya that was $5.99 each but the red one was not the right size so I had return it.

I also got these legging by Game Time for $7.99 which you know I love leggings and these are really nice for $8.

I also got this cute tank top from Rosie Marlow for $8.99.

In this last haul I had to return the other dog dress for this one by Sassy Rascal which is so cute. Too bad Sonya riped a hole in it and I'm going have fix it. It was $5.99. I also found these Pizza socks by Betsy Johnson that I had to have for $5.99 which they retail for $18.00. So I'm so happy to find them for that price.  I also picked up this makeup brush by Baby Beauty for $5.99 since I wanted try out this type of brushes. We will see how good this one is.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Ross hauls.

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