Monday, June 26, 2017

Review: Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette

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I will not be posting a video today and instead I though I post this review.
I know there are many reviews on this palette good and bad but I still wanted to give you my thoughts of this palette. So lest get in to the packaging.


out of box
I love the pastel colors with pattern on the box and on the front of the palette. I don't know if I like or don't like the palette been round because most palettes are square. I think its nice size for travel and does not take up much space. Its like 2 inch bigger than a compact mirror. I like that it is plastic and does not feel cheap.

inside palette
It has a nice size mirror but not big enough to see my whole face but I usually don't use palette mirrors to put my makeup on. I like that they put the name on the center around the highlighter but the did not put the name of the highlighter in the middle so I had to look it up online on Ulta's web site. I like that they made the eyeshadows pans in the crystal like shape not square which is different.

Top inside lighting and bottom is inside lighting with flash close up of eyeshadows

Swatches (no primer): L-R: Myth, Magic, Wings, Marvel, Trance, Fairy, Mystic, Dream, Crystal, Pixie and Believe (highlighter).
To get it out of the way in that there is only one matte eyeshadow as you can see and the rest is shimmer. So if you don't like shimmer you should say away from this palette. But if you like me and like shimmer and color this up your alley. I think all of the shadows are really nicely pigmented and was happy how they applied to my arm with one swipe. They have a really nice formula in that they are silky soft and blend nicely.  They also applies well with out packing a lot of the eyeshadow on. 

I worn about half of the eyeshadows and highlighter. I did not use the highlighter on my cheeks but on my eyes which I really liked. There was some fall out but with glitter/shimmer eyeshadows you will get fall out. I had less to none fall out when I used a sticky base with a eyelid primer which also made the eyeshadows even more brighter and shinier. I would recommend a sticky base if you worry about fall out. 

The eyeshadows that I really like in this palette are Dream which is turquoise with a shift, Fairy a metallic lavender shimmer, Marvel metallic sage shimmer and Beleive which is pearl highligh shimmer that hits of peach shimmer.  The only thing I wish they had one more matte for my brow bone high light because I like having a matte brow bone highlight when I where shimmers on the eyelids. Oh also did say it smells like vanilla which is a plus to me because it smells so good. I really like this palette and I was so happy that I decided to try my first Tarte product.  If you can still find this palette. 

I totally recommended it to anyone that loves colorful and shimmery eyeshadows. I picked mine up on sale for $30.00 at sephora and I think it was worth it.

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