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Review: Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Eyeshadow palette

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I'm here to share and give my thoughts on the Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Eyeshadow palette. When I first heard about this collection I was so excited because you know I love Disney and the Pirates of the Caribbean. Also I never tried any of the Lorac palettes so I was excited to try there products. When they finally showed the pictures of the collection I was on the fence on my thoughts. I saw the eyeshadow palette and was not wowed with the colors. But that changed when I saw it in person. So lets get into the packaging first.

I love the box it came in with the skull and cross bones you know I love skulls. It also has a picture of the shadows on the back which is nice but you can't really see what the eye shadows look like.

I pulled out the palette out of the box and really liked the art work on the packaging with Jack's compass from all of the pirates movies I love. I love the galaxy pattern that run though the palette so pretty. I wish palette was not card board because if you use it a lot it will get damaged. I would of rather had plastic. It still made well with hard sturdy card board. I think it kinda bulky and thick but I think that is because of the compartment for the face palette which I did not buy but I did recently won and will be reviewing soon too. So lets get back this palette. Lets open it and see those shadows right.

As you can see it has the galaxy pattern on inside with Pirates of the Caribbean and lorac on the bottom of the mirror. The mirror is a nice size that you can see your whole face and can use to do your eye look. As you can see you get 18 eyeshadows and the deluxe sample lorac eye liner pencil. I wish they gave us a full size or a brush since the palette is $52.00. Anyways lets get into the shadows.  

inside light of eyeshadows no flash

inside light with flash of eyeshadows
When I first saw the pictures of this palette colors did not wow me like I said. I do like color selection which are colors I enjoy.  I love blues, greens, silvers, and lately redish/browns. So it has a verity of colors that you can achieve different eye looks. I think if they arranged them differently it would of been more easy to create eye looks.  Or even have some info of what they thought how to use the shadows. Like there other pro palettes I have seen where they have the light shades on the left and darker to the right. So lets get into the swatches (with no primers) of the eyeshadows.

L-R: Ghostly, Starry Night, Compass, Arrgh!, Black Pearl, and Yo Ho
This first row are all shimmers. Ghostly is matte with some shimmer which pretty. I really love Starry Night which is a pretty metallic blue that I did a look with and will be posting next. It is a little soft so you have to be careful when dipping your brush in the pan and you don't need much to get that color on you eyelid. I also love Black Pearl which a dark brown base with a blueish green duo chrome look that reminds me of Wet N Wild palette comfort zone which has the similar color but I have not swatched them next to each other yet. Compass is pretty to but I wish it was darker gold color or a true gold color. Arrgh! and Yo ho are also pretty.  

L-R: Bones, Silvermist, Treasure, Tell No Tales, Shiver Me, and Cursed
In this second row has Bones and Tell No Tales that are mattes and would be nice for crease colors/ blending colors for the shimmers. Treasure is pretty shimmery copper color that I can't wait to do a eye look with. Silvermist and Shiver Me are also pretty shimmery metallic shades that would be nice lid colors. Cursed is a matte black with silver or gold glitter which is different than the other eyeshadows in this palette.

L-R: Matte-y, Lost At Sea, Pirates Chest, Sea Haze, Menace, and Silent Mary
This row has Matte-y, Pirates Chest and Silent Mary which are also matte colors. Matte-y is my perfect brow bone color which is similar to my favorite wet n wild single eyeshadow in brulee that I use all the time. Lost At Sea is pretty soft light blue/gray color which looks more gray in the pan. Sea Haze is a really pretty green with gold shimmer which you know I love these type of greens and would look pretty all over the lid. Menace look black but is a dark green close to black that would look nice with Sea Haze. 

As you can see they are all pigmented and not chalky at all. They have smooth and soft formula that make them blend well without getting muddy or just blending away. There is a mix of matte, matte shimmers, and shimmers/metallics. I think this palette you can create different looks with mattes and shimmers. There is few eyeshadows that are really pretty and the rest are there to make those eyeshadows shine. I think this palette is little pricey but If you can find it at kohl's like I did you can use coupon rewards/ kohls cash and I think its on sale as of now for around $41.00. Also if you like matte and shimmers and these colors or even a Disney Pirates fan I would recommend you pick it up before its gone.

What do you think of this collection? Are you going to pick anything up?
Keep an eye out for more reviews on the rest of the collection soon.

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