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Review: Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Cheek Palette and Lipstick/Gloss in Me Hearties

Hello my MJF stars,
I was so happy to win the Pirates of the Caribbean Cheek Palette and one of the Lipstick/gloss in Me Hearties that I wanted to do a review of these two items. So lets get into what I thought.

Cheek palette out of box
Like I said on my review with the Eyeshadow palette that I loved the gold emboss and design of the packaging of the palette. It also came with the same design on the outer box. It also has the pretty starry/ galaxy print on the inside like the eyeshadow palette.

Eyeshadow and Cheek palette 
I did not show how the Cheek palette fits inside of the eyeshadow palette in my Eyeshadow palette review so thought I show you in this review of the cheek palette. I thought it was pretty cool idea and it does fit well. 

Inside of cheek palette

It has a nice size mirror which you can use when you don't have the eyeshadow palette.

left with flash and right no flash
As you can see it has highlighters on the left and bronzer/blushes on the left.

Swatches no primer: L-R Fortune, Destined, Star Reader, Lost Soul, Caribbean, and Bold Spirit.
I think they are all pigmented as you can see by my swatches above. I really like the highlighters they are shimmery with out be chunky glitter in them. The bronzer (Lost Soul) could of been a little darker for my liking. I'm a light/medium skin tone and like a strong deep bronzer look. It would work on days that I want just a wash of color look. I like the blush (Caribbean) because I not in to bright/ pink blushes and this one is a nice brown/pink nude blush if that makes sense. I also like Bold Spirit which would also be pretty as a blush or a highlight. I would recommended this palette for light skin tones because I don't think the right side of the palette would show up on them. But I think its still worth the $30.00 for the highlighters because they are so pretty. You can also use coupons at Kohls like I said about the eyeshadow palette.

I was not planing on buying any of the lip stick/gloss duos because lately I usually wear liquid lipsticks or lip balms. But I was happy to win one to try so lets get into the lipstick/ gloss duo that I got.

lipstick tube
As you can see it has a lipstick on one end and on the other is the gloss. I like the black and gold design. The lipstick side feel plasticy and not in a good way. It feels cheap and the lipstick tub feels like it will crack easly. The lip gloss side is better made.

top: lip gloss and lipstick 

T - B: Lipstick, Lipstick with gloss, and Lip gloss
The lipstick is a lip cream which I thought they were matte lipsticks which is a bummer. Its a pretty color but I think it might be too light for me in color. It looked darker in the swatch on my arm than my lips which is weird. It looks darker with the gloss but since the lipstick a cream not a matte it moves around and you can see my lip color under the lipstick as you can see in the images. Beside that they are nice feeling on the lips not sticky. I like the lip gloss by itself as you can see on the bottom picture. If it was in a darker color it might be nice but I think $26 for a lipstick and gloss is too much for me. Since I rather were a liquid lipstick and I would not would wear both the lip stick and gloss together because it moves too much on my lips. I think if they did a matte lipstick it would not have that problem. I would skip the lipstick/gloss duos unless you like lip creams and glosses.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Are you planing on getting anything from the collection? Also if you have not seen my review on the eyeshadow palette go check out that post.

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