Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dollar Tree Haul

Hello my MJF stars,
I'm here to show you a haul from Dollar Tree. So lets just get right into what I found this time. 

I saw people on ig finding some revlon parfumerie nail polish which I own few of them already. So I was happy to find them at my DT but I only got two because I own most of them already. The two I got was Italian Leather and Moonlit Woods. I also got two packs of  Sunbean LR44 batteries for my light up lips and heart I bought recently from CVS and thought I buy the batteries so I have them when I need them. Because you never know if DT will always have them in store. I found these Dog Treat Balls that I thought Jack would love and I was right. I got three of them as you can see I had to give one to Jack because he could not wait. I got a blue, green and orange one. They also had pink. I also found Purina Friskies Party Mix for my Cat in two flavors  Terrific Turkey and Slammin Salmon which he been really liking the salmon one so far. I just looked up the retail price and its usually $8.98 so its a really good deal. I picked up Geneva flexi lighter since I need one for lighting my candles.

I also saw these Duncan Hines Perfect Size desserts so I picked up two of the Chocolate Dream Pie and Key Lime Pie. I thought I can make them for Easter or when I need a dessert.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Dollar Tree haul.

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Until next time,

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