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Ulta Haul and Review: Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette

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Since I have been meaning to post this haul for a while I decided just to do a haul and review of the item I bought from Ulta.

Ulta Haul Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour

 I have been loving my Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever eyeshadow palette and I had a $3.50 off $15.00 coupon from Ulta I decided to go back and get the Ultra Contour palette that ShanShortcake been recommending. I have been wanting to try a contour palette. So it was $11.50 with the coupon which is a really good price to compare to most contour palettes out there. So lets get into what I thought of the palette so far.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour in box

Ultra Contour out of box
Lets talk about the packaging first its nice sleek packaging like the eyeshadow palette and it has a label on the back saying its the ultra contour palette. It also has a nice size mirror if you need to use it and it is a nice side for travel also. I wish they had a label on the side so you tell the diffecne between the others because they all look the same out of the box. I left mine in the box so I see that they are different. Also I wished the had names for each shade in the palette. This not about the palette itself but I wish Ulta had swatching samples like they do for other brands so lets get into the swatches.

Swatches of the Ultra Contour palette:
Top four swatches of the Highlight shades- top is with flash and bottom outside lighting 
The top four are the highligting shades and they are very pigments and not to powdery. They have same texture as the eyeshadows which I like. Its like creamy and soft powder. You can't really see the lightest shade because its really close to my skin tone which is nice for setting my under eye concealer which I did in my makeup look below. I really love these highlights. The second to last one is not to bright if you want little high light with a pink glow. If you want a to shine like a diamond you will love the last one which his ShanShortcake favorite and my new love. They are perfect highlights they don't settle in skin they lay nicely on top of your skin to give you a nice glow.

Bottom four swatches of the contour shades and pinky/broze highlight- top is with flash and bottom with outside light
Now lets into the last four powders in this palette which are bronzers. I only own a few bronzers and these are as nice as my Too faced bronzer that is high end and I love. Like the highlighters they lay on top of the skin nicely and blend like a dream. The are three tones of bronzers which is nice because I have light-medium skin tone and some days I want to use light bronzer on days I want light contour. The last powder on the end is a more pinky/bronze highlight that would look nice on darker skin tones but I used as a blush on the look below.

I usually don't post my whole face but want to show you how the contour palette looked like on my face.

Me wearing the contour palette
I used the first top shade as my setting powder for my under eye which worked perfectly. I used the white side as a highlight which I loved. I used the darker bronzer on the bottom of palette which is the third one from the left. I also use the bottom bronzer that has shimmer for my blush which gave me nice pink/bronze glow that I liked. I'm also wearing the Mermaids Forever palette on my eyes and is posted today also click this link to see it.

I really like this contour palette and would recommend it to anyone that wants to try contouring. I'm really liking the items I bought from Makeup Revolution and will be getting more products from them hopeful soon.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution if so which item do you think I should try.

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