Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Target Hauls (Halloween Items)

Hello my MJF stars,
I have three little Target hauls to show you. I have some items that I wanted to try and other things I could not pass up as well some Halloween items to show you. So lets get into what I got from Target.

Youtube video of hauls:

I went to target to pick up a cheap base coat and top coat since I was out of town and wanted to paint my nails. So I saw that Wet N Wild had wildshine protective base coat for $.94 so I picked it up to try. I already know NYC In a minute grand Central station is one of my favorite and I used the up my last bottle and decided to pick up a new one. Now they put a different label on the bottle which says shine in a minute 60 seconds dry which is named Grand central station so I thought it was the same and it was $1.89.

In this haul I saw that Casper on bluray and digital copie was on sale last time I was target and wanted to get it because I have the dvd and love this movie but did not buy it. So I went back with my mom and my mom like get it so I did this time. It was $4.75. I also heard on instagam that all the tsum tsum were on sale for $2.99 and I wanted to check out if they had any of the ones I wanted. I was so happy to find two of the star wars wicket left so I picked the best looking one and happy to add to my collection. I'm new with collecting the tsum tsum but I heard people saying target ones are crappy and not buy them and just to buy the ones from Disney. I don't know it looks as good as the ones from Disney store to me. Let me know what you think? I would really be grateful for your advice.

On this last haul I saw that they had Halloween items in the dollar spot and I had get a few things of course. I have one of the metal pail with skull on it from last year and just picked up one. But this time I saw its similar but different colors and no bow with so I had to get two of the skulls. Also they don't have the metal handle which is better because I use them to hold my makeup. I also picked up the metal pail with the tossed pumpkins design on it. It so cute and I might have to get another one of the pumpkins one. I also picked up two of the adult socks with the Halloween icons on them because I really like this design and I know I will wear them a lot so its nice to have backup which it gets a hole in them because my last pair did from last year. They were all a $1.00 each so what the heck right?!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my target hauls.

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