Friday, June 3, 2016

Walmart Hauls

Hello my MJF stars,
I have a few Walmart hauls to show you.
So lets see what I got this time.

In this haul I found two men's shirt that I could not pass up. The first one is this unicorn t-shirt that I saw thinkpinkdaz on youtube wearing and been wanting to get one. It was $4.97 which is a really good price. I also got this marvel shirt with whole bunch of marvel characters on it and you know I love marvel. It was $7.50.

I also got my first adult coloring book ever and I'm not really into the adult coloring book thing but I had to get this Harry Potter Magical Places & Characters coloring book for $11.18 and can't wait to color it. I also picked up more SD Cards because I only have 16 gb and it always get full when I'm trying to film. So I got two 32gb by PNY for $14.88 each which is not to bad a price.

In this haul I went back and got the other marvel t-shirt in this pretty green color for $7.50. I also found this Star Wars t-shirt in the Clearnce for $5.00 which I could not pass up.

Tuesday I went to return something for my dad. So I was looking at the men's shirts and found this jem. I love The Muppets and had to get it. It was $8.96 which still a good price for a graphic shirt that is Disney/Muppets. At Disneyland they were around $24.00.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Walmart hauls.

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Until next time,

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