Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Big Lots Haul

Hello my MJF stars,
I have another Big Lots haul to show you. A couple weeks ago we went to big lots and I found few things that I could not pass up.

I found a few movies that I had to get. I got Insidious on bluray and Insidious Chapter 2  on bluray + DVD + Digital copie both were $5.00 each which is a really good deal. I'm really happy that I own them now because I only had Insidious Chapter 3. I found The Omen (remake) on sale for $2.50 which I could not pass up. I also found The Wizard of Oz in Bluray 3d + Bluray + Digital copie because I love this movie. I also only own it on dvd and this is the 75th anniversary edition for only $5.00 which it usually $25. or more. So happy to own it. I also picked up some Crest pro-health sensitive + enamel shield tooth paste for $2.50 which is a really good price too. I also found some of the Sinful Shine Kylie collection. I'm not a big fan of the Jenners/Kardashians but I'm a fan of Sinful colors and like there nail polishes so I picked up two from the King Kylie collection. I got Sinful shine Kalypso and Slay Gray is similar to Prosecco and I love. If you like to see a comparisons let me know. They were both $2.98 each.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my haul.

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