Thursday, January 21, 2016

Trying out new products/Fourth Eye Look Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

Hello my MJF followers/friends,
I got some new products recently and been wanting to try them. I got to use them in this eye looking using Urban Decay Vice 4 palette which I have a review schedule to post on Friday. If you been wondering why there been more post on my blog then before it because I have been scheduling them out which been easier for me to do than posting them all at once or not posting for long period of time. But I really want to post this look sooner and talking about a few items I tried and might do a review later.

left side with false lashes and right side not false lashes

no false lashes

with false lashes
Products used:
Nyc City Proof 24hr Eye Primer
Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette:
Robbery- eyelid
Crowbar- outer v
Bones- inner eyelid
Framed- brow bone
Nyc City Proof 24hr waterproof eyeliner pencil 932 Dark Brown 
Kiss true volume posh lashes
Kiss strip lash adhesive with aloe black
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Black

The new products I got recently was two items from my influenster vox box (received for testing purposes only) with is NYC City Proof 24hr waterproof eyeliner pencil in dark brown and the kiss lashes and glue. I also bought my self  NYC City Proof 24hr eye primer from target and will be posting haul soon. So in this eye look I decided to try them all of course lol. I've been loving every eye look coming out of the Vice 4 palette and this one does not disappoint either.  I love these eyeshadows and there are more looks that are going to be posted soon. This was my first time trying false lashes. I have tried cheap Halloween lashes that are pre-glued but I never tried realistic false lashes and I think I did a good job on getting them for the first try. I really like how they look too so far. I probably do a review of the lashes and glue in the future. I also really liked the NYC primer so far which I'm a big fan of E.l.f and wanted try something new for my travel bag. I also really like the NYC City proof eyeliner pencil and I used a eyeliner brush to get the wing point that wanted if you wondering how I did it. Anyways I really like how this eye look came out. Keep an eye out for reviews on these products and eye looks with the Vice 4 palette.

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