Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cvs Hauls

Hello my MJF followers/friends,
I have two small hauls from CVS.

Before Christmas I went to cvs to look around I found the limited edition Beauty 360 Revos in two of the scents that I are not the same as the hoilday ones I got last years. So I got Cinnamon Apple and Winter Cranberry and they were on sale but I don't remember how much excatly but its was around $2.

Tuesday I went to cvs to see if they had any Christmas stuff left over. I only found one thing that I had to have which is this Hallmark Keepsake Monster High Frankie Stine Christmas Ornamet for $1.79 and was $17.95. I never watched any Monster high stuff but I thought this ornment was cute and could not pass it up for that price. I might have watch monster high now lol.

Until next time,

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