Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dollar Tree Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I have a Dollar Tree haul for you so let get into what I got this time.

I went back and got more of the Palmers peppermint barks because they are so good. They were .25 each so I cleaned them out what they and left which were 9 of them.  I also got the star candle holders that been wanting for ever but always put them back and today I decided to bring them home where they belong. I was thinking of maybe putting sliver glitter on them to make them even prettier. I was loving the Charming Girl perfume which is compare to Eau so sexy by Victoria's secret that I had to pick another bottle up in case I use my other one up. I also found the three pack of Famous Amos cookies in the Double chocolate chip that thinkpinkdaz tried last week on her Monday munchies on youtube and loved. I figured I would give them a try because I know thinkpinkdaz might be right and I like Famous Amos cookies.

I also picked up more of the My pet's friends grooming products oatmeal enhanced shampoo which I have been using on my dogs and they really like it. In that they have sensitive skin and this does not make them itch which good. If they itch it means that they are allergic to the shampoo which they are not. It also cheap compared to the shampoo I was buying before and this is works as good as that other brand.

Until next time,

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