Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dollar Tree Hauls: Part 1

Hello my MJF followers/ friends,
I'm here to show you my dollar tree hauls from December and the first haul of 2016 from today. I split them up into two parts because it was a lot for just one post. 
So lets get into what I got right?!

In this haul I got mostly thing I need which was Scotties 120 2 ply facial tissues, Shasta ginger ale and Home store paper towels 100 sheets. I also found one of the last Maybelline baby lips in Fierce n tangy which I did not buy when I bought the other ones. I was mad at myself for not getting it and I was lucky to find the last one. The last thing I got was some Sassy+Chic tweezers because I lost the pair I had for my travel bag and these one are pretty nice for a $1.

In this haul I got a few things for gift for Christmas and I also found somethings that I wanted of course. I picked up some Assured Menthol relief stick which does work and its not as messy as the cream. I also got this flashlight bottle opener for my dad stocking for Christmas. I'm sad to say that its not good because my dad said the light turn on by itself. I also picked up these two cute turtle toothbrush Holders by gb. I got one for me and one for my brother for Christmas. I decided to finally grab one the bottle with the pump because it might be good to have one day for makeup remover. I also decided to pick up Global beauty care retinal cleansing cloths to try because I seen many youtubers that hauled them from dt and liked them. I grabbed an e.l.f smudge brush because I love e.l.f brushes and never tried the smudge brush. 

I was looking through the book section and found this jem called Ghost Hunt 2 by the guys from Taps.  I love ghost hunters tv show which is the taps crew show. So I thought I see if I like it and if I don't that's ok because it was a buck. I also picked up these sure fresh reusable mini containers and lids to use for some makeup and crafts.

I picked up some life savers the holiday mix. I also found this Star Wars water bottle which I had to get. The last thing I got was an impression of Victoria's Secret Bombshells in Bloom/ Flowers forever set which smells so good.

Well that's the part one of my Dollar tree haul so check out part two next.

Until next time,

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