Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hallmark Gold Crown Haul

Hello my MJF follower/friends,
Today I had to put my check in the bank and by the bank there's a hallmark gold crown store so I thought I go in because they had 70% off on Christmas items.
Of course I found Ittybittys and I had to have them all lol but just got these.

So I show they had Scooby-doo and the gang. I held myself back and just got Scooby-Doo which you know I love and he was $6.95. I then went to look at the Christmas stuff and found some ittybittys and they were 70% off of $6.95 so it made them about $2.09 each which is a deal. So I got the last two if the Northpole limited Edition which is Snowby the polar bear and Jaz the penguin. They also had Limited Edition Santa Mickey so I had get one too.  I missed out on the Christmas star wars ones which I bummed about but happy find these Christmas ones which are so cute.

Until next time,

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