Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dollar Tree Hauls: Part 2

Hello MJF followers/ friends,
I'm here to show you part 2 of my Dollar Tree hauls. 
This haul is from today which is the first haul of 2016.
Lets get started and get into what I got right?!

I found the Dr. pepper and A&W Root Beer soda bottles gummies that everyone been hauling and I really wanted to try them because I love gummies and Dr. pepper & A&W root beer. So I was so happy to find them to try. I also saw that all of the Christmas candy was 4 for 1.00 so I had to get the candy that wanted to try but not will to pay 1.00 for so I only paid .25 each. I got two of each of the Palmer's caramel Santa's and peppermint barks. I also got one of the last Christmas design your own mug which was only .50.

I was organizing my nail polish collection the other day and wanted to change the containers I have them in and decided to get more of the little clip containers like the chevron ones they had and I have three of already. So I got four of the circle pattern clip containers in blue and green. I also found one of the Sterilite mini clip storage box. I also picked up another box of the Scotties 120 2-ply facial tissues.

I need more unscented tea lights so I picked up two of the luminessence 16 pack for me and my mom because were ran out. I also found the Dreamworks Home 7 pack lip balms which is an awesome find at dollar tree. I looked up this brand and they also have Disney theme packs like this for $8.99. They also had other Home lip balm two packs but this was an better deal. I also got this Dr. Sheffield's Psoriasis medicated moisturizer try out. 

The last thing I got which is the first thing that I put in my basket was this book which the title is Beyonders A World With Out Heroes by Brandon Mull which sound interesting  because its about another world and an evil Wizard so I thought I would read it. I just looked it up and its the first of a series of books so it has to be good right?. Its a hardcover which was listed as $19.99 then marked down to $17.37 on amazon. So I got a really good deal on it. 

I hope you enjoyed see what I got from Dollar Tree which I think I scored big this time. 
Also don't forget to check out part 1.  

Until next time,

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