Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ross Dress for Less Collective Hauls: Part 1

Hello MJF followers/friends,
I have big Ross dress for less haul that I been meaning to post and I had to put it into parts so lets get into what I hauled.

I found two Formula X by Sephora for $2.99 which was $3.99 and at Sephora they are $12.50 which is a great deal. The colors I got was Galaxy (dark navy base with blue, sliver shimmer glitter Celestials textured polish) and Extraterrestrial (Black base with gold and olive green shimmer glitter Celestials textured polish).

I bought two these shorts for my vacation to Hawaii and they are nice light shorts which I love. They were $10.99 each.

I also found this rainbow cheetah print throw pillow that matches my blanket which I also got from ross and it was $6.99.

I also found this shirt to wear for my BeetleJuice costume which worked perfectly. Its made by Perseption Women and its a black and white striped with red tank top for $10.99. I also got these cute Frozen socks with Olaf on them for $4.99. 

I found this really pretty black pure with flower stitch with clear rhinestones on clearance for $10.99. I really love it.

The last thing I got from ross in part 1 hauls is this pretty skull candle holder for $8.99. 

That's all for part 1 of my Ross haul so check out part 2 next.

Until next time,

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