Thursday, October 1, 2015

Review: Disney Villains Evil Queen Castle A Spell Beauty Book

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you the Evil Queen Cast A Spell beauty book from the limited edition Disney Villains Collection.There are three Villains in this Cast A Spell collection and will be posting about them also. So lets get into what I thought about this beauty book.

I love the art work like always they do a great job on get each character.

Back of beauty book

Inside beauty book
I love the mirror because its just like mirror from Snow White which is awesome and the pattern that they put every where else in the book has pictures from the other villains in the collection like dragon from Maleficent and the eels from Ursula.

Makeup guide to get Evil Queen look
Just like the other beauty book there is a makeup guide to create a Evil Queen look.

Close up of beauty book
Here is a close up of what is in the beauty book. In this beauty book it has nine eyeshadows, a blush, black eyeliner pencil, lip gloss, eye pencil and a eyeshadow brush. So lets getting to the swatches.

Eyeshadow Swatches no primer
As you can see there all neutral and plum colors and they are all very pigment with out primer. The only eyeshadow that was Curse because as you see from close up of the beauty book it was a nice brown gold shimmery color and when get under that top layer its a different color which I really don't like. Why did they do that? There are mix of shimmer and matte colors also. Caldron and Dungeon are mattes and rest has shimmer. 

Pressed powder, eyeliner, lip gloss and eye pencil swatches
I really like trickery is pretty but I don't know if it a blush or bronzer because it just says pressed powder so I guess you can use it for either one. The eyeliner pencil nice too but I probably will not use it. I like the lip gloss because its not sticky but it have a weird smell which I describe well its like vanilla/butter smell but smell goes away. I really like Vain its a nice eyeshadow pencil by itself and as base which I did a eye look with. The eyeshadow brush also nice for blending eyeshadows but not for packing on to the eyelid.

All in all I like this beauty book even with one bad eyeshadow. If you love Disney Villains and the Evil Queen you will like this beauty book. $9.99 is not bad price for what you get this beauty book. Keep an eye out on my first eye look with this beauty book that I will post next. Also so the Maleficent and Ursula beauty books in the future.

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  1. I don't know why they do those oversprays either. So weird?! This is cute but I wouldn't want all of the neutrals. It is a great price though for everything you get & the cool Disney factor. :)

    1. Ya I hate that they did over-spray on that one eyeshadow. If you don't like all neutrals you might want check the other villains in the collection. I just posted Maleficent and will be post Ursula next. :0)