Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Review: Disney Villains Ursula Cast A Spell Beauty Book

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I'm here to give you my thoughts on Ursula's beauty book which is the last Villain in the Disney Villains Cast A Spell Beauty Books.  If you have not see the other beauty books in the collection there is Evil Queen and Maleficent. They are all limited edition and sold at Walgreens for $9.99. So lets getting into this beauty book.

Cover of beauty book
Ursula is my favorite of all of the women Disney villains. They did a beautiful job on the art work for her.

back of beauty book

inside of beauty book
In this beauty book which comes with nine eyeshadows, two blush, blush brush, sliver eyeliner pencil, lip gloss.

Makeup Guide
This makeup guide is the same as the other two but helps you get an Ursula look.

Close up of makeup

Swatch of Eyeshadows with no primer
These eyeshadows are the same quality as the last two beauty books in the collection but this beauty book has blues, greens and purples which goes with the theme of Ursula. There is also a mix of mattes and shimmer also. I really love Nautilus shell and dark waters.

Swatches of Blushes, Eye pencil and lip gloss
In this beauty book it came with two blushes which are quite pretty. Poor Unfortunate Soul is bright pink with gold shimmer and Kiss the girl is a lighter pink with also a light gold shimmer which is so pretty. I see myself using Kiss the girl because Poor unfortunate soul might be too bright for me. It also comes with a eyeliner pencil in Black Magic which is dark silver color which is pretty and might be nice were on the bottom lash. The last thing in the beauty book is a lip gloss which is not the color of the tube which is kinda a bummer because its a different color but I like that is a lighter color. 

All in all I really like this beauty book and happy to have it. 
I think its a good buy if you love Ursula and makeup.

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