Friday, October 30, 2015

Dollar Tree Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I have some dollar tree hauls to show you which is a mix of makeup, Halloween and other items.

I found four of the Milani power lip in cabaret, pink lemonade, macaroon, and mango. I also got some Halloween tape with some ghost, skulls, candy corn, blob monster and other monsters so cute.

I was so happy to find disney star wars bags so I got chewbacca and yoda. I also got two boxes of the mountain high premium coffee hot chocolate which are really good. I also picked up so solar dancers. The boy scarecrow and swinging ghost a gave away and I kept the girl scarecrow and the other swinging ghost. The last thing I got was Sassy+Chic Nail art.

In this haul I got another Halloween tape with skulls on it you know I had to get it. I also found one of the profusion color canvas palette in 01.

In this haul I got some Milky Way caramels which is my new favorite candy. I also a Russell Stover caramel apple which was good too but need more of an apple flavor. I also got two packs of 24 creatures for my costume. I was so happy to find the baby lips and I got a few of the colors but not all of them. I got berry bomb, minty sheer and oh! orange. The last thing I picked up in this haul was Rubies Vampire Blood to use for one of the day of my lip swatch challenge.

*Oops I forgot this haul where I bought the 3d Halloween place matte. I got a 49ers tape despenser for my dad. I also got more of the hot chocolate. I found some Milani Ultra fine liquid liner in Sparkling Turquoise so I got two in case I really like it. I picked up a skull platter for my Halloween jars. I got three Light up pumpains for the little boys I watch. I also got some Pumpkin solar lights.

This last haul I found more of the Wood craft candles and I've been burning my apple chain scent so I got another one. I also picked up more L.A. Color art deco polishes because my other ones I had from another brand dried out so I picked up a yellow called his light and a white. I also found the Halloween transfers that people been hauling and had to grab two different designs in case there was no more left after Halloween.

Well that's all of my Dollar tree hauls for now.

I hope you enjoyed see my hauls and have a Happy Halloween!!

Until next time,


  1. Awesome hauls! I never see good make-up at my Dollar Tree. You're so lucky. :)

    1. Thanks. I go to few different dollar trees in my area because they all have different things. Some times I just get lucky Natalie. :0)