Monday, November 9, 2015

Part 1: 99 Cents Store Collective Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back with a two part 99 cents store hauls that was pushed to the bottom and now finally posting it.
So lets get into part 1:

I love Blistex lip balms and I really like this mint version. So I got one to put in my purse.

In this haul I picked up the Garnier Skin Renew mask because I've been want to try more mask and you get 6 mask in a box which is really good deal. They are usually $5.95 for a box. I also had to get this little zak Despicable Me 2 bottle so cute. I also found some Julie G nail polishes which is a deal because they are usually around $5.00. So I got four of them and the colors are Dancing in the dark (blue base with purple glitter), Passion (purple/pink shimmer), Shimmer Island (green glitter). I also got a Revlon color stay in 210 French Roast (a deep chocolate brown with rainbow micro- glitter). The last thing I got in this haul is a Iron Man 3 dog tag.

 This is the dog tag I got when I opened it.

In this haul I got another of the iron man dog tag because I loved the one I got last time. I could not find a pump so I picked up a ball pump and extra pump parts. I also got another phone case for my Samsung S3 but after I bought this case my phone was not working and I got a new phone. Good thing I did not spend to much on it :0/. My dog jack love these Plastic golf balls so I two packs. I got some Redvines because I love them. I also picked up two silicone pot holders to use as makeup brush cleaners. I got two because you never know when they get them in and if one wears out, I have a backup. I tried out the Garnier Face mask and liked them so I got another box.

This what I got in this time.

In this last haul was before Halloween. They only has a few so I had to get one of each of the color changing pirate skulls because you know I love things that light up, skulls and pirates.

So I hope you enjoyed seeing my 99 cents haul and I will be post part 2 next.

Until next time,

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