Monday, November 9, 2015

Part 2: 99 Cents Store Collective Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back with part 2 of  99 cents store collective hauls. So lets get into it.

In this haul I found some Sally Hansen salon effects so I had to get them because they are so good. I will have to do a review on the ones I wore. So I got 5 different designs which are Mane Event, Pink Macaroon, Sweet Marble Floret, Girl flower and Spring Fever. I got l.a girl pop in Celebrate (red, sliver and blue glitter). I picked up a cord for my Samsung. The last thing I got was water bottle which I took with me to Hawaii.

I wanted these Halloween decoration light last year and I guess they has some left over because they marked them down. I got a orange and purple skeleton hands. I also got two packs of these Velamints peppermints which I had tin of them and they really good.

In this haul was this week where they had Halloween items 9/ $.99 so I had to get some items. I got two pairs or kid socks for the boys that my watches. Three bendable skeletons to get to the boys next year. A plastic goblet for me as decoration for next year. Two pirate coin necklaces for next year. A Halloween window clings which glows in the dark and Halloween pirate skeleton wall stickers for next year. The last thing I got was this cute owl sign that says happy harvest to put on the door because it looks so sad with no ghost that I had on it for Halloween.

I hope you enjoyed part 2 of the 99 cents store collective hauls.

Until next time,

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