Friday, October 30, 2015

Target Hauls

Hello MJF followers,
I have another target hauls that I've been wanting to post and it mostly Halloween items.

In this haul I got the cute girly skull tin for $1.00 for make up storage of course lol. I also got this rainbow ball for my dog jack which loves and it was also $1.00.

In this haul I got a few Halloween items that I had to have. I got this cute Trick or Treat sign for my room decoration and it was $1.00. I got a Halloween light banz that has bats on it and lights up orange which was $1.00. I also got another rainbow ball for my dog jack because he loves the other one and got a back up because it was only $1.00. I found some of the Halloween Trrtlz so I had to get the bats one and it was $1.00. I wanted to try the box of boogers for $.98.  The last thing I got was Reese's peanut butter pumpkins which are my favorite for $1.00.

In this haul I only picked of two things because I went to find a wig for my Beetle Juice Costume. So I found this star wars bag in the dollar section for $1.00. I love star wars so I had to get it. I found one wig that I could used for my costume which was a short bob wig that was $8.00. I will be posting my costume after Halloween. If you fallow me on instagram you already seen it and if you on instagram go follow me.

Well I hope you enjoyed see what I bought from Target.

Until next time,

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