Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Review: Disney Villains Maleficent Cast A Spell Beauty Book

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I was going to post this review yesterday but a big bummer happen which was my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 would not turn on and I usually used my tablet to post on my blog. Since I have to get it fixed I will have to us my big lap top computer which is fine but was much easier to use my tablet. :0( I will have to get fixed after I get back from Hawaii so I will not be able to post anything on my blog until I'm back home from my trip. I'm planing to post the Ursula beauty book before I leave. If you follow me on intagram you know my Samsung s3 crapped out last month and I had to get a new phone so I new my tablet would be next because I had it before the phone but I was hoping it would last one more trip. 
Well lets get into the reason you all here to see that is the second Villain in the Disney Villains Collection which is the Maleficent Cast A Spell Beauty Book.

Cover of Beauty Book
As I said in the last review of Evil Queen I love the art work of the beauty books.

Back of Beauty Book

Inside beauty book
I love the mirror how you can look in the mirror and be Maleficent wearing the horns. I also love the Dragon behind it.

Makeup Guide
You know I like that they have a guide to get the Maleficent look that I never fallow lol.
Closer look of beauty book
I fell love with this beauty book because all of the purples and greens which you know I love purple, greens and blues. I was also happy that there was a liquid eyeliner which I like better than the pencil. It was also nice it came with a brush.

Swatches of Eyeshadows
Just like the other beauty book it also comes with nine eyeshdaows and this time there was no over spray which I happy.There also a few mattes as well as glitter and satin eyeshadows which is nice for a pretty eye look. The mattes are Flame and Spindle. The glitter/ shimmer are Slided, Dragon, Spellbound and Bramble and rest are satins.

Swatches of Blush, Liquid Eyeliner, Lipstick and Primer
In this beauty book has a blush unlike the evil queen which said pressed powder but I really like this blush its pink/peachy glittery bush which is so pretty and love these color blushes. I was so happy they put a liquid eyeliner and its a matte black with a brush which I love. The lipstick a pretty purple/pink glitter lipstick which nice too. I'm not really a fan of the primer because I used in my eye look with this beauty book that I will be posting next and it creased on me but I was expecting much. 

Lipstick: Revenge

If you love Maleficent and purple, green eyeshadows and glitter you might want to find the beauty book. I like this more than the evil queen which was more neural beauty book. I love color and this  one does not disappoint. Also for $9.99 its not bad for what you get because can do a whole look with this beauty book.

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  1. Now this is a palette I'd like to have. Thanks for the swatches & review. :)

    1. Your Welcome. Thanks for stoppin by and leaving me a comment :0)