Friday, March 14, 2014

Walgreens Haul

Hello I'm back with another Walgreens Haul. 
I'm so happy to share my haul from my long and sad search for the new Wet N Wild Spring limited edition makeup items.
Yes I finally found the Walking the Red Carpet palette by Wet n Wild and I got it for 25% off too :0) it was $3.96 regular price $5.29. So I decided to buy the nail polish also in the color Silver lining on sale for $1.49 regular price $1.99. I also got Comfort Zone palette also because I have been wanting to try that palette also which was also on sale for $3.96.

I so so so happy to finally get my hands on the limited edition spring palette.
I can't wait to try out both palettes and the nail polish.

If any of my followers want a review let me know.
If I don't hear from anyone I will not post one because there is a lot of reviews out there.

Until next time happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

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