Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Haul and Review: Disney Dare to Dream Ariel Beauty Book

Hello my MJF followers,
I was so excited to find the Disney Dare to Dream Ariel Beauty Book today at Walgreens for $10.00. I wanted to swatch it because one Ariel is my favorite Disney Princess and two its not made by e.l.f. I wanted to find out who made this new Dare to Dream collection that saw many people on instagram finding. There is also two other Disney Characters in this Disney Dare to Dream Collection which is Mulan and Pocahontas. This Walgreens only had Ariel which I was kinda bummed that I could not get the other two beauty books. Well lets get into the Ariel Beauty Book from the Dare to Dream Collection.

Cover of Beauty Book
I really love the water color art work of this beauty book. It reminds me of the Villains Beauty Books from a while ago that I loved.

Back of Beauty Book
I read the whole back of the beauty book and it does not say what company made this book. It says that is made in china and distributed by Walgreens.
I would love to know what makeup company made this beauty book.

Inside Of Beauty Book
This beauty book has 9 eyeshadow, 2 blush, Lipstick, eyeliner and a eyeshadow double ended applicator. This beauty book is similar to the other E.l.f beauty books but this one has a lipstick and not a lip gloss or lip color. It also has a miror like the e.l.f beauty books.

Get Ariels Look Guide

Just like the other E.l.f beauty books in the past this one also has a guide on how to apply the makeup which nice help you apply the makeup to create a Ariel look.

Close up of the Eyeshadows, Blushes, Lipsticks and Eyeliner pencil.

Swatches of Eyeshadows (no primer)
These eyeshows in this beauty book is different than in the E.l.f beauty books in that there is a mix of finishes and these a softer then the E.l.f. eyeshadows. There are mattes, satins, and glitter eyeshadow. The matte eyeshadows are Treasure and Oceanid. The satins are Gadgets, Gizmos and Dinglehopper and rest are glittery. They are all very pigmented and soft so you have to be careful because there will be a lot of fall out if you push to hard. 

Swatches of lipstick (What's a Fire?), Blush (Shell Spell and Coral Fixation) and Eyeliner (Jetsam Black)
The lipstick, blush and eyeliner are really nice too. I was really shocked on how bright and pigmented these blushes are with out any primers. I really like Shell Spell because is a coral pink with gold glitter which I thought its should be called coral fixation because Coral Fixation is more a bight pink blush with a little bit if shimmer in it. These two colors are not what I usually would wear but I might to try them. These blushes are way more pigmented than the e.l.f beauty books. The lipstick is a pretty pink with shimmer but it does not match the beauty guide which I'm kinda happy because this color might be more wearable than the red that is in the guide. The swatch above is swiped on my hand like 3 times so its a build able color which nice if you want a wash of color and not a bright pink lip.

I'm really happy that I picked this Disney Dare to Dream Ariel Beauty Book. I think this beauty book is for everyone because it has mattes and glitter eyeshadows and really nice blushs for $10.00. 
I can't wait to find the other two beauty books in the collection.

What do you think? Will you get one or all of the Disney Dare to Dream Beauty Books or any of the other beauty items in the Disney Dare to Dream Collection? Also does anyone know who is making the beauty books?

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  1. I'm loving all the blues and the green shadows! The pink blushers and lippies are super fun too. :)

    1. I also love the blues and green eyeshadows and was surprised with blush. This beauty book is really nice for only $10.