Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review: E.l.f Disney Belle An Enchanted Tale Beauty Book

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I'm here to share my thoughts about the character added to E.l.f Disney beauty books is Belle from The Beauty and the Best. Its only sold at Walgeens and might be sold at or like the other one in the past. This book is called An Enchanted Tale beauty book and they are $12.99 each.

Cover Beauty Book
I love this cover its so the theme of The Beauty and The Best. I like the gold etched roses around the borders so pretty.

Back of Beauty Book

Here is the inside of the belle beauty book
In this beauty book there is a mirror like ones before. In this beauty book has seven eyeshadows, a blush and bronzer, two pencil eyeliners, lip color and a eyeshadow brush which is similar to other beauty books in the past.

under the mirror is a guide
This beauty book guide is similar to the Elsa beauty book in that they put the picture of belle makeup look which is nice to see and help you recreate on yourself.

Close up of the eyeshadows and Blush and Bronzer
Like the past beauty books the eyeshadows are named after characters from the movie. As you can see most of the colors in the book is brown/ taupe colors. 

As you can see these eyeshadows are very pigmented on there own with out primer. Also eyehsdows had little to no fall out which is nice. All of they eyeshadows are shimmer/satin except Gaston which is a velvet that is a matte with glitter. I wish they made Belle a gold/yellow color like her dress. The top colors are really similar in color. I would of lived with two but not three similar colors. The blush is a nice pink with glitter and the bronzer is a nice coco brown with glitter also. I tried using the eyeliner pencils before but not a fan. I would rather use there liquid eyeliner but its nice that it came with two colors black and brown that you can use on water line or bottom lash line. The lip color is nicer than there glosses which I hate. It a nice red/dark pink its color with pink shimmer and also named Rose on tube.

All in all I think E.l.f beauty books are getting better. 
If you like Belle, like shimmer, nude/taupe colors than you will love this beauty book.

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