Thursday, June 18, 2015

Walgreens Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I here to show you a some Walgreens hauls that I been wanting to show you.
Since I heard that that Walgreens was getting another Disney Princess Collection in and this time it was Belle. So every time I would going in and not find the Belle Beauty book I found other things that I had to have of course so lets get into what I got.

In this trip I only found the Disney Belle lip balms and I was not going to get them because they were not made by E.l.f. They are made by Townley Girl which I never hear of before but the packaging was so cute I had to get two. The two I got was Pleasant Peach which has Mrs.Potts on it and Luminous Lemon which has Lumiere on it. They were $1.99 each. There ok but not great in my option. I think the ones from dollar tree are better like the profusion and l.a. colors. If you want more detailed review let me know. I also got a penguin bracelet by for $.75.

In this haul I found a new summer collection by Sinful Colors. I was going to wait for there $.99 sale they have at Walgreens but I could not wait and pick two polishes. I got Pink Ansen which is a pink version of Green Ocean which I love. Pink Ansen is a Iridescent Glitter in punchy pink. I also got Fuji Fuji which is Scintillating silver with Holographic glitter which I have nothing in my colletion like it. They were $1.99 each.

In this haul I finally would the Disney Belle E.l.f An Enchanted Tale Beauty Book. It was $12.99. I will be posting a review and eye look soon.

I went back to see if they had any sinful colors nail polishes I had to have because they are having the $.99 cents sale right now. I found two colors that I don't have and wanted from the summer collection. The colors I got was Mint Tropics is a mint cream and Sky Tree is a teal with blue glitter. When I first picked up Sky Tree it looked like something that I have in my collection but I figured if I had it. I would return it or give away but I'm happy to say I didn't but it look very close to Rise & Shine which I like. I might have to swatch them to see the difference because they look really close in the bottle.

The same day I went to another Walgreens to see if they had anything good in there clearance and I was surprised to find some Elsa items on sale because the other walgreens did not put there Disney stuff on sale. They had one beauty book but I already have one and this makeup bag. I could not pass it up because it was $2.49, say what lol. Ya I had to get it because it was $9.99.

I hope you enjoyed my walgreens hauls.

Until next time,

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