Thursday, July 2, 2015

Review: Disney Dare To Dream Pocahontas Beauty Book

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to give you my thoughts about the Disney Dare to Dream Pocahontas Beauty Book.
I've already did a review of the Ariel Beauty Book in the collection if you like check that out. I'm also going to review Mulan next.
So lets get in to the Pocahontas Beauty Book.

Cover of beauty book

Back of beauty book
Just like the Ariel beauty book they did a water color design which I love. I captures the essence of the charterer which is nice.

Inside beauty book
This beauty book is similar to the Ariel one in that it comes with 9 eyeshadow, dual applicator, black eyeliner. The things that is different in this beauty book that it comes with one blush and a bronzer. It also comes with a lip gloss instead of lip stick which I preferred

Beauty Guide
This beauty book also has a beauty guide to apply makeup like Pocahontas.

Eyeshadow Swatches no primer
In this beauty book has blues, red and brown that I think the Pocahontas would wear. There is mix of finishes just like Ariel beauty book which I like. These are very pigmented and some stained my fingers and my hand when swatched them and was really hard to remove which is nice because they have staying power. They are some that are little powdery so there will be fall out. The colors I really love is Headstrong, Willow, Heroine and Ripples.

Blush, bronzer, lip gloss and eyeliner swatches
In this beauty book come with a blush and bronzer which I love. The blush is so pretty which I would wear more than the other blushes from Ariel and Mulan. The bronzer is so pretty which a matte light coco color nice for contouring. I really like lip gloss and you know I hate e.l.f lip glosses so you know this one must be good. It not sticky or goopy and last a long time. The eye liner is the same as the Ariel on which is not to black and I probably will not use.

All in all I love this Beauty Book and it a great buy for $10.00. If you are in to blues, reds, brown you might want try this beauty book.

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