Friday, July 17, 2015

99 Cents Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I know it been a while since I posted on my blog because I have not been feeling well or up to posting anything on my blog. But now I'm back and trying to post at least once a week we will see. Well I'm here to show you a few hauls from 99 cents store.

In this trip I got All purpose thread because it had a lot of different colors and need more sewing thread. I got two of the Jakeman's throat & chest drop in peppermint flavor. I git a pack of Mombas fruit chews which I love. I also got two flower clip one in purple and one in blue. I got a sea shell necklace. I also picked up some shave cream in tropic wave which I really like and have to pick another one up. I have been using body soap but been really liking using this shave cream.

This trip I got two of rag rugs because they were so pretty and would match my room. I also found these cute green and blue bins with skulls on them and had to have them. I also got another mini crate in blue. The last three things I was this peace love design tapeffiti. One is in rainbow zebra design and the other two are dachshund or doxies with clothing on which if you know me you know that I own two and love getting things with doxies on them.

I went back to get two more of the rag rugs because I love how they looked in my room and going attach them together to make bigger rug. I also picked up a pair of ear buds and gave them my cousin. The last thing I got a tray to put my shell collection that have by my fish tank in my room.

I hope you enjoyed my 99 cents hauls.

Until next time,

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