Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Box Opening and Mini Review

Hello MJF followers,
I'm very excited to show you the products that Lunatick Cosmetic Labs sent me and I received on Saturday in the mail for free to try for reviewing purposes. I've been wanting to try there products but never got around to it. That's why I'm so excited  to try their products they sent me. Lunatick Cosmetics Labs products are individually hand crafted with care. 100% vegan, talc free,and cruelty free formulas. 

The box they sent the products in

I love the box its so cool it reminds me of beetle juice.

In side the box
I love how they wrapped their products nice so they would not rattle around in the box.

close up of Glamour Ghoul Glitter and Apocalipstick
They sent me two products and the first product is their loose glitter called Glamour Ghoul Glitter in the color Ghouls Gold. The other product is their lipstick called Apocalipstick in the color Cinderhella.

Glamour Ghoul Glitter: Ghouls Gold

Top picture indoor lighting and bottom with flash

I swatched Ghouls Gold over E.l.f Eyelid primer in pearl on the left and on the right its over Nyx jumbo eye pencil in Cottage Cheese to see how it might look on my eyelid. I think it looks best over Nyx and can't wait to do an eye look with it soon.
You get 4g or 0.14oz which is a pretty got amount of product in this package which is so cute with moon and bat on the lid. It also has bats, a raven, moon, black cat, witch, wolf, old tree which also really cool.
I really love Ghouls Gold glitter its a pretty Holographic rainbow glitter which is on sale for $4.50 on there website right now.

I really like the packaging with atom bomb and the drippy letters so cool.

Apocalipstick tube
I really love the bullet shape of the lip stick tube its going to look great just siting with my other makeup. You get 3.5g or 0.12oz which is the normal size for most lipsticks. All of the Apocalipsticks are $15.00 each which is kinda pricey but most high end lipsticks are more than $15.00 like Mac and  Urban Decay. I think its would be worth it because the bullet shaped tube is unique and its 100% vegan and talc and cruelty free.

Apocalipstick in Cinderhella

The Apocalipstick I got was Cinderhella and there description on the web page says its a blue based hot pink but it reminds be of a grape and cranberry mix/or dark fuchsia color.
At first I was like wow that's a bright purple but I'm really liking it is so pretty and would look nice with a nude or brown eye look. This lipstick has no fruity or vanilla smells and just smells like unscented lipstick. I can only smell it when I put it on and the smell goes away which is nice. My lips been pretty dry lately and you can't even tell by picture so that's a plus. Also you might need a lip liner for this color because its very pigmented color but I did not use one so you can see it by itself. 

I really like both of the items that they sent me so far and can't wait to try out Ghouls Gold Glitter and wear Cinderhella more to give my full opinion of these products but so far I'm liking them.

Also thank you Lunatick Cosmetic Labs for sending me these items.

Until next time,

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