Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dollar Tree Collective Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you some DT hauls that I've been collecting.

In this haul I found three nail polishes that I could pass up. I got two Revlon Colorstays one is a base coat and other one is a gold color but I have to get name later. I got one Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons Ultra Violet which is pink/purple cream. I got one of the green containers for storing nail polish lol. I also got two Tony's french bread pepperoni pizza that I really like. I got a snickers ice cream bar which are so good. When I was at the check out I saw these coin pouches that thought be good for putting ear buds in. I got three of them and I gave one to my dad.

This haul I got a pack of suckon cup hangers for my window to hang something. I found these band it to put around the garbage cans so the bag does not fall in so I got two. I picked up another one of the Assured 7 day pill organizer and will be posting what I used these for soon. I also got home store air freshener in hawaiian mist which I really like this scent. I found the skin nutritions everyone been hauling and I got two of age defy ones for me and one for my dad. I also got one of the new Ameri beauty shea butter hand cream in the pure pleasure scent which I really like because it has a citrus scent and other ones had more flower scents. I also picked up some hormet pepperoni and Rancesco rinaldi pizza sauce for a pizza dip that I made for fourth of July. The last thing I got was some cool duck tape.

In this haul I picked up a store crate for my room. I also got two packs of the diet Snapple in raspberry tea flavor which I like but I like lemon one better. I also picked up some inc mechanical pencils. I got some home style select ripple chips. A wet n wild single eye shadow in burlee which a back up because its the best brow bone high light color. I picked up a milky way marshmallow which I never tried before and its pretty good. I also got two bracelets that I was debating to buy last time and decided I wanted them. The last thing I got was the butterfly candle holder that I've been looking for.

In this haul I got some despicable me 2 sticker because I love minions. I also got the star hand sanitizer because I love stars and you can never have to many hand sanitizers. I also found the owl socks that I saw sparkleonforever hauled on youtube because I love owls and three pairs for the price of one.

Today I went to dt. I got Alvin beanie ball but I really wanted the owl one that everyone been hauling. I looked at three dts and this one was the only dt that had any of the beanie balls. I hope they get some at my other dts because I really want the owl one. I also picked up this two pack of portfolios because it had Boston terror on it. I also got the pencil case with owls on it because I love owls and I can find some way to use it.

I hope you enjoyed my dt hauls.

Until next time,

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