Friday, July 17, 2015

Dollar Tree Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I have some hauls from a two months of trips to Dollar Tree which I've been meaning to post so lets get in to the hauls.

I picked up three of water bottles with snack cup on the bottom for my trip to Tahoe a while ago which worked well because I hate using cup from hotels and these nice to use on driving trip because you have drink and snack in one place. I also got two more of the profusion b.b lip balms. These were missed marked in they the orange in said orange when opened it said bubble gum on tube and this one smelled like bubble gum unlike one I got before. The one on right said peach which on the tub said watermelon. It looks like they fell out and re taped them in but the tubes were sealed so they were not touched.

right to left swatches: bubble gum in orange tube, watermelon, and other bubble gum from last haul.

In this haul I got dragnet volume one which I never seen before and I figured my dad would like it so when I showed him was happy I got it. I really liked it and I watched with my dad. I got one of wood craft candles in Apple Chi. I also got another of water bottles in chevron pattern. I found this hidden Physicians formula happy booster in bronze rose which I've been looking for forever. I also picked up one of the satin pillow case in purple. It was not sewned right so I had to resew it which not big deal but if your not in to fixing it don't bother getting any of the satin pillowcases.I got some tree brand vent clipps I took them out before I took picture but these ones worked well and made my car smell like crisp apples. I also got drivers choice car air freshener in sweet coconut which are not as strange as the tree brand ones.

This trip I got one of reusable bags with flowers on it but I used it two times the one of handle broke so I'm not going buy anymore these. I got two of Crystal Geyser in lemon flavor which I really like.

In this haul I found these cute flip flops by Chatties that I could not pass up. I also got pack of Haribo gold-bear gummi which I love. The last thing I got was Assure 7 day pill organizer that I used for a craft that I be posting in the future.

In this haul I hit the jack pot in that when I was in the makeup Ariel they were putting new stuff out and found the box of Revlon Brilliant Strength polishes and I got three of the one that I did not have and thought were pretty. The colors I got were 010 Dazzle, 070 Enrapture, 220 Provoke. I also found the l.a. colors balm and I figured I would give one a try in the color Wham! which is orange color. I was not impressed with these because they are very slippery in that when you put them on your lips it moves around to the outside of my lips and they wear off in center of my lips which leave ring around my lips of the color. I like the profusion ones better. The profusion ones not as pigmented but wear better and are more moisturizing. I got some Mike and Ike in root beer float which I love root beer floats and never seen these before. I really like these they are really good and taste just like root beer floats. I got two notebooks with 85 sheets each which I'm planing to use them to make  nail polish swatch book. I also picked up these 4 pack pop up pencils Disney Princess (Aura, Tiana,Belle, and Ariel) because they are Disney and I can use them to write in my note book. These also remind me of my child hood because I use to use these pop up pencil. 

In this haul I went to get this Solar swinging panda to go with my collection and they did not have anything else that I had to have.

I hope you enjoyed my DT hauls.

Until next time,

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