Friday, May 16, 2014

Mermaid Smoky Eye

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here with another smoky eye look for smoky eye friday.
This week I wanted to do a Mermaid Smoky eye look because I saw vintageortacky on youtube and she did a Mermaid eye look with UD Electric palette that really want but don't have the money for. So I used my new Jordana baked eye shadows that I just got and some other things to make it my own.

The products I used for this look:

left to right and top to bottom :
Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Glitter eyeliner Magical (on top of e.l.f black eyeliner)
Milani liquif' eye metallic eyeliner pencil Aqua (On bottom lash)
E.L.F liquid eyeliner Black
NYX jumbo eye pencil Milk (on eyelid for a base for eyeshadow to stick to)
E.L.F eyelid primer Pearl
Milani eyeshadow Caribbean Sea (inner corner of eye)
Jordana Baked eyeshadow Aqua Dulce (in crease )and Green Mist (outer part of the eyelid and on bottom lash)
I-Mark eye single Pool (inner part of lid to blend in to Green Mist to Caribbean Sea)
Wet n Wild Brulee (brow bone and blend the Aqua Dulce)

I really had fun doing this look and I love all of the blues and greens together.
I really like the Jordana baked eye shadows and might have to go back to get the other colors because they are cheaper than the milani and as good with you used them with a base.

What do you think of this weeks smoky eye look?

Until next time my MJF followers.
Also don't forget to check out the other smoky eye looks thus week.
I hope you have a beautiful weekend.


  1. I love doing mermaid eyes! Those colors are gorgeous. I had no idea Jordana had baked shadows. I love baked shadows!

    1. Jordana just added these baked eyeshadows and I love them lol. I'm planing to buy more of them. :0)

  2. Wow this looks so intense! Love it!