Monday, January 20, 2014

Dollar Tree and 99 Cent Store Haul

Hello I'm back with a few of my hails from Dollar Tree and the 99 cents store.

The first things I got from Dollar Tree was two lip balms. Since its been so cold in CA my lip became very chapped that they cracked. So when I went to Dollar Store I saw Chap Ice Coco Butter lip care in Dark Chocolate and Carmex lip balm so thought I would give them a try.
I already tried the Chap ice and I really love it. Probably will be doing a review soon.

The seconded Dollar Tree haul was from a different Dollar Tree that I like to go to because they always get Milani products that I must try. This time they had Hd Advance Lip Color so I thought I give it a try because I liked their lip products I got at the Dollar Tree before. Also I was really bad because I was trying not to buy nail polish but when I saw these Milani 3D Holographic nail polish I had to have them all so I got them all lol. I got 511 Hi-Tech (green color), 512 Cyberspace (blue color), 3D (gold color), and 509 Hd (silver color). I even used two of these nail polishes for my nail art for nubs.

The last things I got from the 99 cents store. When I went with my dad who really likes the 99 cent store. I saw that they had some Sally Hansen products. They had a few polishes and the nail filer which is called Nail Shaper. So I skipped on the polish because I don't need more and none of polishes caught my eye. And I got the nail filer because I always need more nail filers and its a really good size. I also got some nose cleaning strips and a mirror that has a rose shape which is cutie. I have another one that is exactly the same which I really like so I got another one to put in my purse.

So what do you think about my hauls?
I'm really happy with the things I got.
Until next time happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

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