Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Avon Haul and Review

Hello I'm back with an Avon haul and review that I ordered and got a while back but did not have chance to post it. I ordered everything from my mom the Avon lady and these products where on clearance.
I got two lip products that is the older version of the Glazewear Shine lip gloss and Big color glossy lip pencil and two Big color eye pencils.

The first lip product I got is the old formula and packaging of the Avon Glazewear Shine Lip Gloss in the color Peach Fizz.
I like the old version of the glazewear compared to the new one. I'm sad that they changed something in it that burns my lips so I'm to get another color that looks really nice.
It a light peachy coral color with shimmer which I really like to wear for everyday looks. Its not stick or smell bad so that's plus in my book.

The next lip product I got was the Avon Big Color Glossy Lip Pencil in the color Glossy Angelic. This is my first Avon Big Color Glossy Lip Pencil and was happy with it. It was nice and smooth like a lip gloss and not stick too. Its a light pink color with shimmer. I like it because it is a clear pink so its not shocking. The only thing it does not last long like most lip glosses so it does not bug me to reapply.

The last two things I got was Avon Big Color Eye Pencils in Blue Smoke and Celadon. I bought them because they reminded me of the NYX's Big Eye Shadow Pencil so I figured I give it a try. These are both really pretty colors the Blue Smoke is a dark blue color with shimmer and the Celadon is a medium kelly green with shimmer too. It said it could be used a eye liner or eye shadow but I used it as a base for when I wear greens and blues. I used blue smoke as a base for a my Revlon diamond lust eye shadow in celestial silver for a party and it looked pretty because you saw the blue under the silver glitter shadow. It did not crease on me but when I put it on I blended it out on the crease and when it sets it does not move. The swatches below would not come of by me rubbing it with my hand I used a makeup remover wipe and it took like 2-3 rubs to get it off.

All of the product where I think $2.99 each and the lip products are usually $6.00 and the eye pencils where $7.00 not on sale.
I'm really happy with of the products I got and they where all on sale which is a plus.

Let me know what you thing about this review or if you tried these products.

Until next time happy shopping and enjoy the show.

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